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Plan a Writing Retreat...

in less time and with more confidence!

Are you new to planning a writing retreat or looking to improve on your next one? My bite sized mini courses will guide you step-by-step to plan & fill your writing retreat with people looking for your expertise.

Hi! I'm Lisa Shaughnessy

And I'm on a mission to help writers, editors, book coaches, and any one else who wants to plan and host a writing retreat.

I firmly believe the world needs more voices and more stories and you play an important part because writing retreats are the fastest way for writers to reach their writing and publishing goals.

I've also felt the anxiety that comes with working hard to put together a live event and not getting the response I wanted.

Which is why I created the Plan a Writing Retreat Roadmap. Find out more about how the Roadmap will guide you to plan a writing retreat guests will want to attend here.

Lisa Shaughnessy on orange chair

What people are saying

The Plan a Writing Retreat Mini Courses are brand new, but I've been successfully helping business owners for over a decade. Here is a small sample of what others have said about my previous workshops and how I've help them stop being stressed and overwhelmed and move their business forward.

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Process Testimonial Viki Mutarelli_2
Testimonial Colleen Sullivan_2

I want you to feel as confident and stress free as these business owners did after working with me. Whether you're planning your first or your tenth writing retreat, my bite-sized mini courses will guide you through each step to help you fill your retreat with the writers who are looking for your expertise.