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Are you a writing retreat host who doesn't want to do it all yourself?

See below for people who would like to lead a workshop or coaching session at your next writing retreat.

Do you want to be part of a writing retreat but not host it?

See below for instructions on how to add your name to the list so writing retreat hosts can find you.

If you want to be added to this page for writing retreat hosts to find you, click to fill out the form on the Writing Retreat Instructor/Tutor Form page.

These are posted in the order received. Placement here does not constitute endorsement or guarantee about any of the people or their qualifications. Please do your due diligence and research when choosing a speaker/instructor/tutor for your writing retreat.

Connect with Writing Retreat Instructors

Karen Geiger

Karen Geiger - I believe in the power of language, the skill of story and that everyone is creative. I am a certified SLP and journal writing coach, an award winning author and published essayist.

I currently teach journal writing workshops in person and online for various groups - cancer patients, women in midlife and writers. I am a book coach in training and have lectures at Pennwriters' conferences.

I recently published a guided journal with focus on executive function skills, habits, patterns and most of all stories. I founded Storied Life to design a life with more stories and stories with more life.


Connect with Karen Geiger Instagram or on her website.

Jan Brogan

Jan Brogan - I am a published author of four murder mysteries and a true crime book that was nominated for both an Anthony and an Agatha award.

I received a scholastic gold medal for teaching journalism to teenagers at BU. I've also taught fiction, nonfiction narrative, and memoir to adults.

I've led workshops and organized manuscript critiques for the annual New England Crime bank mystery writers conference and I've spoke at libraries and bookstores in New England.

I have an undergraduate degree from Boston University and a masters in English from UMass.


Connect with Jan Brogan through email,, or at her website.

Sarwah Creed - I have been writing for over ten years, and I've published over fifty books. I have read nearly every writing craft book under the sun, but I feel what makes a good writer is someone who can understand their craft and blooms.

I'm fantastic at plotting and even offer a plotting service, with my extensive knowledge of different genres and tropes.


Connect with Sarwah Creed on her website.

Lori Peters sitting at a desk writing.

Lori Peters - I am a writer who is also a grief therapist and a journal coach. I have incorporated writing into my therapy practice.

I am the author of three books, one of which focuses on using writing to navigate grief. While I have never hosted a writing retreat, I have co-facilitated retreat groups for women who have had pregnancy loss and I currently run an online support group.

I have done mental health-related workshops and presentations. I'd be interested in partnering with someone to host a writing retreat.

I'd also be interested in serving as a mental health consultant for a retreat. My specialties are grief (specifically pregnancy loss), anxiety, trauma and female empowerment.


Connect with Lori Peters on Instagram or her website.

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Tiffany Joyner - My expertise is sharing with writers how to:

1. Start a Writing Group: I teach writers how to build community, plan, logistics, and creating safe spaces for creatives to share and be most authentic self in a group setting

2. Building a Consistent Writing Discipline : I teach writers about the tools and mindset needed to develop a committed writing practice. Also will help through the challenges that come with getting the work done.


Connect with Tiffany Joyner on her website.

Amy Goldmacher, book coach and author.

Amy Goldmacher - I help aspiring authors transform nonfiction book ideas into publishable books.

I'm a traditionally published author, Author Accelerator certified nonfiction book coach, and experienced instructor and facilitator who has helped writers go from book idea to polished, pitch-ready proposals and manuscripts that get agents and book deals.

Recently, I was an instructor on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 along with Jane Friedman, Dinty W. Moore, and Allison K Williams.

I offer group and individual sessions on writing a nonfiction book proposal for memoirists and/or nonfiction writers, goal setting and achieving, and success definition and good decision-making.

I'd love to partner with you for your retreat.


Connect with Amy Goldmacher on her website.

Clara McKenna

Clara McKenna - I am a writer with degrees in biology and library science. I have published eleven historical mysteries, one of which was named a "Suspense Magazine Best of 2021".

My expertise is the historical research necessary for non-historians to craft credible historical fiction. I've led workshops specializing in historical research for writers at various levels, ranging from local Iowa writing groups to national organizations like Sister-in-Crime.

I have served on numerous history-focused panels at national conventions and have spoken at libraries, bookstores, and historical museums. I have a passion for history and love helping writers incorporate elements of the past into their current projects.


Connect with Clara McKenna on her Instagram profile.