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Plan a Writing Retreat Mini Courses

If you didn't fill as many spots in your last writing retreat as you'd hoped or you're planning your first writing retreat and want to get it right the first time, these easy to follow Plan a Writing Retreat Mini Courses will set you up for success!

Email List Building for Writing Retreat Hosts

♦Are you struggling to fill your writing retreat spots?

♦Do you feel like you're talking on social media about your retreat All. The. Time. but no one is buying?

♦Are you unsure about how to get your writing retreat in front of the writers who are looking for what you offer?

If you're done with feeling frustrated or nervous about filling your writing retreat, this mini course is for you!

email workshop website_9
Workshop for Schedule_website

Create a Writing Retreat Schedule

♦Are you unsure of what activities to plan for your writing retreat?

♦Are you nervous that writers will think more free writing time in the schedule equals less value?

♦Do want to add some fun non-writing activities but don't know what to include?

If you answered yes to at least one of those questions, you won't want to miss this mini course.

Finding the Best Venue for Your Writing Retreat

♦Are you having a hard time narrowing down your writing retreat venue options?

♦Have you defined your venue criteria yet?

♦Do you know the questions you must ask a venue manager before putting down a deposit?

If you want to make sure you choose the best venue for your writing retreat, this mini course is for you!

Workshop for Pricing and Registration_website

Writing Retreat Pricing and Registration Page

♦Are you nervous about charging too much or too little for your writing retreat?

♦Do you know what pieces to include in your registration page to attract your ideal writer?

♦Have you thought about how direct registration or an application process will affect your sales page and payment processing?

This mini course will help you answer all of these questions and give you action steps to set it up.