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Pricing your writing retreat

When pricing your writing retreat don’t base it on what other people are charging for theirs.

There’s just no comparison. Every single retreat is going to be different, so you can’t do a direct comparison when deciding how much to charge.

You can use other retreats as a gauge and see if you’re in the same ballpark, but there’s no way you can price it based on other people’s retreats. Yours will be a different date, a different location, have different activities, be a different length, have a different host and instructors, and the list goes on.

Here’s what you can base your pricing on:

  • The total cost for all your expenses to put on the retreat.
  • How long your retreat is.
  • What extras you’re providing.
  • Anything unique that sets your retreat apart.
  • And don’t forget to include how much you want to make from the retreat.

Take all the factors in to account and you’ll come up with a  price that is fair to both you and your guests.

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