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Planning a Writing Retreat Roadmap

I created the Planning a Writing Retreat Roadmap so you can stop guessing at what to do next and easily plan every aspect of your writing retreat. Below is a quick overview of the phases. Each will be covered more in depth in the Plan a Writing Retreat Mini Courses.

IG Post_PAWR_Planning a writing retreat roadmap

Phase 1 – Preparation
Get your mindset ready, do some pre-work that will make the planning process easier down the road, and start building your audience.

Phase 2 – Foundation
Get feedback from your audience, define your retreat’s purpose, and decide who it will serve.

Phase 3 – Participation
Determine your schedule of activities, the length of your writing retreat, and the dates.

Phase 4 – Location
List all of your must-haves and like-to-haves for your retreat venue and choose the venue.

Phase 5 – Connection
Plan for onboarding guests before the retreat and how you'll engage with them during the writing retreat.

Phase 6 – Promotion
Create your marketing plan, price your writing retreat, set up your registration page, and promote your retreat.

Phase 7 – Motivation
Plan how you’ll follow up with writers after the retreat to keep them motivated and inspired.

Phase 8 – Reflection
Finalize expenses and income, figure out what worked/what didn’t, and decide if you'll host another writing retreat.